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Nothing But Hari

Nothing But Hari Is a unique concept 1st time ever. The idea was conceived by Harikumar Sivan (formerly S.Harikumar). It's a humble tribute to saint Thyagaraja and it is all about his 5 pancha ratna krithis (five diamonds).

Normally Thyagaraja pancha ratna keerthanas are sung during the Thyagaraja festival, conducted once in a year by different musicians and organizations. Thousands of devotes and reputed musicians will be participating, singing and playing instruments in a group. But here Hari has experimented a very different way.

He has played the 5 pancha ratna krithis only on a 6string barbera electro acoustic violin. The instrument has got a range from violin to double bass in a variable tuning. He has used the technical advantages and plus points of the instrument very brilliantly to make the full spectrum of the sound available to the maximum extend possible on that instrument.

Harikumar Sivan is one of the topmost violinists available today in indian classical music. In this album Hari attributes the five diamonds to five natural powers of this universe (pancha bhoothams), only with his 6 string violin. Not even a thampura is used to accompany the violin.

1. Jagada--------Nattai 4/4 (EARTH)
Jagada is the 1st of the 5 pancha ratna krithis. In this composition Hari gives the power of the earth (jagad), in the universal tempo 4/4.
2. Dhuduko -----------Goula 6/8 (WATER)
In this krithi Hari gives the power of Water (jala, ocean) in 6/8 tempo
3. Sadinjane-----------Aarabi 5/8 (FIRE)
Here the power is agni (fire , Heat) in the tempo 5/8
4. Kana kana-----------Varali 7/8 (AIR)
The power of the air Vayu in the tempo 7/8
5. Entharo-------------Sree 9/8 (SKY)
The last diamond powers with the sky in 9/8 tempo

BlueFire band

BlueFire, a band originally formed in London By Harikumar Sivan (Formerly S.Harikumar), with Chris Haig, Geoff Castle, Steve Taylor and Viktor Oburst.

On returning to India in his search for like-minded and competent musicians capable to not only play but enhance the intricate compositions Drummer-Singer Sanjay Maroo led to the formation of the new BlueFire.

The band also includes Boney Alex (Guitars)Mark Fernandez (Bass), Jairam (Percussionist) and Bolshoy (Keyboards).

The name Blue fire derived from the Sanskrit word Agni (fire) at its most potent state becomes relevant with the eclectic combination of Jazz, Rock, Carnatic and Indian styles. The music is predominantly pure improvisation as the central focus is on the spot creation around the framework of the riffs and structures of the compositions. There s a seamless flow of influences in the interpretations of the compositions as the varied backgrounds of the players come to the fore individually string but yet flowing together in a streaming confluence.

BlueFire Website: www.bluefiremusic.co.in/